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SCSC Shooters Have Busy Victoria Day Weekend

Posted by Christopher Hall on May 20, 2013 at 1:20 PM

Victoria Day Weekend 2013 was a busy one for many SCSC members. The Youth Airgunners made their usual strong showing at two events and some of the adults got some trigger time as well. On Saturday, May 18, the club held a Cowboy Action Shooting Demo/Workshop at the Basswood Ridge Range. The workshop was run by Steven Stewart from the Fredericton Recreational Shooting Association and was an old-west cowboy- themed target shooting event using modern manufactured but period-style pistols, rifles and shotguns. There was a small, but interested turnout at the SCSC Dead-Fly Corral and Im sure the local rustlers and hornswogglers had better beware of this ornery bunch of varmints:




Also on Saturday, some of the Youth shooters went to Woodstock and competed in a .22 rimfire match. Showing their customary accuracy, they took home some medals in the Junior category, with Emily Dean placing 1st, Sarah Henry placing 2nd and James Boyd placing 3rd. Sarah also placed 1st in the Under 14 category. Well done, ladies and gent!



Saturday also saw Matt McKinley and myself competing in an IPSC Level 1 match in Hampton. Matt placed 2nd in Standard division and I finished 5th in Production. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I have no photos of that match.


On Sunday, the Youth Airgun section held a match at our home airgun range, with some young shooters from Nova Scotia coming over to participate. Again, the SCSC shooters held control, with Emily Dean taking 1st and Delayne Donahue taking 2nd in Womens Rifle, James Boyd taking 2nd in Men's Rifle, Scott Ring taking 1st and Curtis Snow taking 3rd in Men's Pistol, Janelle Snow taking 1st and Sarah Henry taking 2nd in Women's Junior Rifle and Rachael Mundie taking 1st in Women's Novice Rifle. Those kids gonna need a truck for all the hardware. Well done!



More photos of the weekend's action can be found here.

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